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Ithaca : Vathy

Vathy constitutes the capital of Ithaca and it has been dwelled since the 17th century A.D. Previous inhabitation was not possible because of pirates' raids. It was named like this because the level of the ground is the same with the level of the sea while at the same time it is surrounded by mountains and hills ( Vathy means Deep in Greek ). The settlement of the city has been considered as a traditional one since 1982 and that is because it maintains its Ionian traditional image although the re-building took place after the distracting earthquake of 1953. It is situated in a bay of great beauty in the southern department of Ithaca. It's about the Forkin Port according to Homer's descriptions. In the entry of the bay we meet ruins of Venetian fortress as well as Lazareto islet. The highest mountain, Kathara or Nirito according to Homer, shades Vathy. All choises of entertainment are provided.

Beaches: Paliokarabo, Tsirimpis, Loutsa, Minimata, Gidaki (with boat), Skinos, Sarakiniko and Filiatro.

Museums: Naval and Folklore Museum of Ithaca, Archaeological Museum Ithaca of (discoveries  up to Roman years).

Sights - localities: Ruins of ancient city Alalkomenes  dated from 8 century B.C. as well as cyclopean walls, cavern of Nymphs where Odysseus hid the gifts of Feakes, metropolis with the old belfry and carved in wood chancel temple.





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"And if you find her poor, Ithaca won’t have fooled you." -C.P. Kavafis