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Ithaca : Stavros

Stavros is a large village in northern Ithaca that abstains 23 km from Vathy. According to modern studies, it had been the Town of Ithacans of Homeric years and the harbor of Stavros constituted the public port.

Beaches: Polis beach  , in the bottom of which are found the ruins of ancient city which has been engulfed. Ammoydi: Small sandy beach next to Polis  in which the access becomes with ship.    

Sights: Loizos cave that was used as place of Odysseus' adoration. Traces of a sanctuary of 9th century B.C.  and ceramics from the Mycenaean up to the Roman years.

Ruins of ancient settlement (3rd B.C. millenium).

Odysseus' bust  in the Square of village.

Archaeological Museum of Stavros.






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